Hospitality Wholesale

Signing up as a Cultivate wholesale customer will enable you to work with prime quality produce that is super fresh, hyper-local and grown following organic practice.

Quality, freshness and nutrient richness are of utmost importance to us. We grow food with a focus on sustainability and closing the loop with our compost and growing practices

The result is a delight for your taste buds! Your customers will definitely be excited how delicious your plates will taste.

Your chef could look just as happy as Andy from Black Betty Cafe

To get your wholesale account with us, please email us at

And if you haven't tried our produce yet, definitely be in touch. We are most happy to meet with you and to provide you with produce samples - we found that letting the produce speak for itself works really well.

How it works

Generally, once you are signed up, you will receive our Harvest/Fresh Produce-List each Friday.

Currently we harvest Mondays and deliver Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Special deliveries can be arranged.

You place your order via email or txt before 12pm Monday and we deliver to you as requested.

We deliver to you within the CBD at no cost. Delivery outside CBD is subject to delivery fee and prior arrangement.

Email us now and make your customers seriously happy by serving them the most delicious produce!