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Look closely at a seed sprouting. At first it is defensive, hooded, but then it gains strength and confidence, pulls back its hood and starts reaching for the sky.

This is the transformation we see in the kids who come to work at Cultivate. Sometimes it happens like a lightbulb flicking on. Sometimes the transformation takes weeks or months.

Cultivate is on a mission to inspire and engage young people who are not currently in education, employment or training. We do it outdoors - with our hands in the dirt.

Working side by side, the kids are more likely to open up about their biggest challenges. And then we have opportunity to connect with them.

We are a building a self-sustaining economic model, where we transform urban areas into farms to provide employment and skills to young people and fresh, local produce to cafes and restaurants.

Our compost arm is the only green waste collection service in the Christchurch CBD.

Purpose is at the heart of what we do.

It’s that feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves that brings the kids back each week.

When you join Cultivate Produce or Cultivate Compost, you become part of our purpose, too. You help kids pull back their hoods and reach for the sky.


[Design quotes]

“I’m a whole lot more confident and talking to more people in my community”

— Youth Employee


“Past two weeks my confidence has improved and I feel more comfortable being myself and getting used to things around me. ”

— Youth Employee