Sow Love Grow Love

The Why, What and How

The Issue

There are 4000+ young people (16-25) in Christchurch who are not engaging in any form of education, employment or training (EET).

Without positive transitions into EET before the age of 25, these youth are at a high-risk of welfare dependency, mental illness, crime and causing harm to themselves and others.

What We Do

With the support of the community, we grow skills, provide meaningful work experience and employment opportunities for young people in an urban farming environment.

Our Impact

Operating since 2015 to date we have...

  • supported 25 young people successfully into positive outcomes, such as employment, housing and away from destructive living environments
  • reached a point where we sustain 12 young people transitioning every year at our current scale
  • supplying 22 local hospitality businesses and gate sale customers with organically grown, nutrient-rich, fresh produce from our two Urban Farms


Our SOW LOVE GROW LOVE Campaign will support us in a directly accountable way to achieve the following things:

Veggie Subscription

We will be able to offer our organically and locally grown produce to more people than we could possibly reach at current through our Farm Gate Sales.

This will also mean more steady income for us which will secure our business and enable us to support more young people.

More Veggies in Town

We want to generally increase and widen the pathways through which we sell veggies and how we can give people access to good,organically grown, healthy and still affordable produce.
This will also create new income streams for us which in turn allows us to develop and broaden our youth development platform.

Website Update

We want to enable more people than ever before to have access to our fresh produce. And, through increased business, we can support more young people.

Therefore, we want to implement an online shop that will support our upcoming Veggie Subscription and the general increase in sales and offerings to customers as well as our existing gate sales and sales to hospitality customers.

CBD Urban Farm

To do more sales and to service the Veggie Subscription and more sales in general we need to change the infrastructure of our Urban Farm.

This will also ensure that we can continue to offer super fresh produce of the highest quality.

Additional benefit to our the wider community: As we are also looking at collaborating with other local growers, our growth will also open a new market for other small-scale produce growers to reach more customers by selling through Cultivate’s space. By creating this network, we aim to strengthen the entire ecosystem Cultivate is part of which includes Christchurch as our home community.

Together we can multiply the impact and achieve so much more than we could on our own.

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