Our Team

 Amra Wallace - Urban Farm Manager

Growing up a Wellington City kid, my background was in administration and project planning. With a new found passion for Permaculture and Organics I was looking to get out of the office and be immersed in growing healthy food. I moved to Christchurch in 2015 to study Organic Horticulture and started volunteering at Cultivate very early on as we broke ground on the first farm at Peterborough Street.

My position here has given me the opportunity to use my background skills and my passion for food to contribute to the growth of the farm and create a great environment for our young people to thrive. 

 Aaron Rowe - Urban Farm Hand, Compost Warrior

I'm a Bahá'í with a deep interest in service to humanity. Cultivate resonates with me because we provide a service to young folk in tricky situations. That service being accompaniment troubleshooting life problems and organic farm work. I couldn't think of a better organisation to work for.

Danielle Danielle Salvestro - Intern Coordinator
I grew up in Australia as a second generation Aussie/Italian with farming in its 4th generation. It is semi-arid where I spend the formative years of my life with summers filled with rice paddies, yabbying (freshwater cray fishing) whilst avoiding the tall, snake-infested grass. The Eastern long neck Turtle is my spirit animal.
I love what I do - I get to work along side people and watch them transform, even if it’s just a small shift in attitude towards the natural environment. I get a kick out of seeing people enjoy a good looking beetroot and working together in sideways rain on a Monday. But more so, the real kicker to this job, is when they take pride in working and connecting with others and the ripple effect this has on our wider community. 

 Dylan Parker - Urban Farm Hand
Dylan likes to do plant things... more than he likes to write his bio on the website... 


 Fiona Stewart - Co-Founder

After school I didn't know what I wanted to do so I started with study in Early Childhood Education and Care which opened my eyes to Psychology that really interested me so I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education.
I have always had a dream to start a 'Farm School' which lead me to travel to different countries to understand how their education system worked and how they supported young people with learning and behavioural challenges.
My passion for the outdoors meant that I learnt this through guiding and instructing which soon lead me back to New Zealand wanting to support Kiwi kids to feel loved and to learn to love - themselves and others as equals.
I worked in the Christchurch Youth Justice sector for 5 years, studied Forensic Mental Health and worked in the mental health sector for a short time as I was interrupted by being awarded the Vodafone grant that enabled Bailey and I to start Cultivate.
Cultivate is something well beyond that original dream and will continue to develop and be fluid to the needs of our young people in Canterbury. 

 Kolle Collis - Leading Farm Technician
Kolle is good at all the things - Apart from writing his own bio on the website... 



  Simon Corskie - Urban Farm Hand

I studied Organic Horticulture at the BHU as well as Environmental Science at Lincoln University. This inspired me to get into Organic Horticulture.
My main is the composting side of things. I've worked at the Christchurch municipal composting plant (Living Earth) for the three years prior to joining Cultivate.
Outside of Cultivate I love being a part-time musician, I am part of the Christchurch Tiny House Society and I am very much into Permaculture/ Agroforestry.