Jute Bag - Production Impressions

Our beautifully designed Jute Bag got produced in collaboration with Liminal Apparel.

Based locally in Addington they do their good in this world by producing organic, ethically made apparel which helps create good jobs and choices in communities in Kolkata, India.

The difference in price compared to other Jute Bags out there is relatively easily explained as Liminal Apparel's products are made under fair trade working conditions, and only sustainable or organic materials are being used.


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Being very serious about bettering the lives of their producers, Liminal Apparel also re-invests all profits back to the communities that create the products.

Liminal Apparel say of themselves that by using their products, you’re also making a statement of commitment to a fairer world. We couldn't agree more.

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Fair Working Conditions and Fair Pay - Liminal Apparel

 Together we can multiply the impact and achieve so much more than we could on our own.

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