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Cultivate Experience

You are welcome to come for a Cultivate Experience - Individuals or groups can book in Monday - Thursday 9-4 for an hour or up to 3 hours. We provide a person/ class centered and strength based session(s) focused on sharing our Kaupapa, knowledge of growing high quality produce and encouraging positive engagement in the community and the working world. Our staff are highly trained in organic horticulture and youth development sectors (mental health, youth justice and physical wellbeing). You may want to come for a one off visit or more than once.

We believe in collaboration and are a space for working together that enables a wider community support network for yourself and the Rangatahi you work with. We are quite flexible being a social enterprise so please discuss your needs/ interests with us and we will probably be able to help.

The first visit involves a Cultivate introduction to what we do and how we do it, a health and safety brief and a site tour. This is age and ability appropriate. We like to know what your learning modules you are currently focussed on so that we can tailor our session to enhance the development and outcomes for each individual.

For example:

- a school class wanting to learn about sustainability. We will demonstrate what we do and how it supports environmental sustainability. Many subjects can be related to the gardening environment.

- a NGO/ Alternative Education provider or agency supporting a group of young people under 25 years learning about employment/ environmental stewardship/ community engagement. We are also a space for completing community service hours during school holidays, work experience during term for those transitioning or a transition option.

- Individuals can be referred or self refer (16-25yrs) who require work experience or need a place to better develop their confidence for the working world/ employability skills. They are welcome and then can learn about the Cultivate Internship. Some young people are able to work towards employment with us.

- If you are an individual/ couple and outside this age range you can be involved on our open days - currently Thursday at Peterborough St 9-4pm.

The activities depend on the season and what is required to be done on the farm that day. This is set by our farm manager and supported by our farm staff and youth work staff. Things include weeding, pricking out seedlings, transplanting seedlings, worm farm maintenance, composting, harvesting produce, general site maintenance. We provide the tools, equipment and the learning environment.

There is a lot of positive and fun energy on the farm. So during our working sessions we love to answer questions anyone has about growing food or wanting to further involve themselves in Cultivate to deepen their connection to the land and the community. There is so much to learn that is not only focused on the plants but transfers to how we care for ourselves, each other, our environment and the natural world around us.

NB: All groups and individuals must book in so that we can maintain a healthy and safe space for all.

Cost; For organisations/ schools/ agencies working with young people who are not our target group (youth not engaged in education, employment or training) $10 per person and $20per person with lunch included for Thursday bookings. This goes towards the costs of supporting young people in employment.