We are the only commercial composter in Canterbury that accepts all certified commercially compostable packaging. Including PLA!

Since September 2015 we have grown the business to its current capacity. 1 human picks up bins from 14 customer cafes by bike and trailer and diverts between 1.5 and and 2 tonne every week.

The compost made is turned into a vital resource used to grow the produce and bio-rejuvenate soil.

The more compost we have, the more food we can grow and the more revenue we can make to employ more young people who help make the compost and food for our community and selves.

We've reached capacity!

We’re launching a crowd lending campaign to grow Cultivate Compost infrastructure so we can keep up with demand in Christchurch CBD.

Until then, if you are a business within the 4 Avenues, pre-register below to become a Cultivate Compost customer.